Beauty, Spa and Massage in Phuket

Thailand has a long and esteemed heritage of traditional massage which is considered an essential and important part of everybody’s health regimen. Massage in Thailand has a complex and ancient history with origins in both Chinese and Indian medicine. The therapeutic effects are supposedly strong and it can benefit the mind and the body. Many people regularly use massage as an effective way to relieve daily the stresses and tensions on the body, and after experiencing one in Thailand you’ll no doubt agree that it gives a feeling of invigoration, and those niggling aches and pains can melt away.
If you love a relaxing massage, Phuket has plenty of options on offer. The main types of massage you will come across are:


Thai Traditional Massage
The original Thai massage included having the masseuse walk on the subject’s back, as well as pulling fingers, toes and even hair. Masseuses these days have pretty much scrapped such practices as being a bit scary.
You’ll still find, however, that sometimes the masseuse may be a little too energetic for your taste. There’s no requirement to be masochistic about this; just ask her to be a bit gentler. A good Thai massage results in lowered stress levels, relief of tension and stiffness in muscles and joints, and improvements in energy levels and blood circulation. In short, it makes you feel really, really good.


Foot Massage in Phuket
Reflexology (Foot Massage) Reflexology is a pressure-point massage that targets specific nerve locations, particularly on the feet, but also on hands and ears that correspond to organs and nerves throughout the body.
There are a number of theories as to how reflexology works, from stimulating the nervous system to unblocking the life force known as Qi, to releasing endorphins or promoting lymphatic flow. No one knows for sure – but after a long day’s shopping or a stiff march along the beach, who cares? What is a fact is that there are few things more restorative than a good foot massage.


The island is one of world’s premier centres for top-quality spas staffed by highly trained and qualified masseuses. Few people can resist the chance to spoil themselves rotten by getting the full luxury treatment at one of Phuket’s top spas.

Stand-alone spas and hotel spas alike, the level of service is admirable so do have a look around for the best deals. Often, when staying in a resort with a top-quality spa, you can follow a treatment course for several days and thus turn your stay into a life-enhancing event. Several hotel spa on Phuket are more like Roman palaces with design and décor to match the feeling you get when you’ve been taken to Cloud Nine and back. Expensive, yes, but nothing can match the feeling of pure ecstasy that a good, long and luxurious spa treatment can produce.


Fish Spa or Dr Fish
Doctor fish is the name given to the species of fish Garra rufa. Other nicknames include nibble fish, kangal fish, physio fish, and doctorfishen. The Garra rufa love to nibble on dead skin and as soon as the people insert their limbs in the water, an army of these little guys start eating away the skin that’s been softened by the warm water. Doctor Fish can survive in waters as hot as 43-degrees Celsius so when somebody dips their feet in their pool, it’s a real treat.

There are quite a few spas in Phuket, which offer all manner of massages and treatments to ensure that you will feel pampered and revived. Some are day spas, though quite a few are attached to resorts and hotels. Mid-range spas tend to charge 500 Baht and upwards for a one-hour massage, while pricier establishments can charge in the thousands. At the lower end of the price range are the massage salons.

These can be found in the busy resort areas and usually have glass fronts, offering more basic therapies such as traditional Thai massage and reflexology (foot massage). Prices start at around 200 Baht for a one-hour Thai massage. Go for two hours and you won’t regret it. The great thing about massage salons is that the low prices mean you can afford to have a massage everyday of your holiday and not break the bank.